Basic Beginner’s Guide to Online Sex Games

Sex games gain a lot of followers, sophistication, diversity, market… and addicts.

And at the end of the arduous competition, a naked woman. With this stimulus, we do not have to rack our brains to understand why online erotic games, legitimate heirs of the great wave of ‘virtual sex’, have ended up conquering their good share of the Internet.

It all started in an elementary way. The user entered, for example, an ordinary game site and found the classic Tetris but with added value: to the right of the screen, as the game progressed, the photo of a woman looking like a ‘ doll of the East’. The higher the level, the fewer items. And, of course, more anxiety to achieve victory. Internet users rightly called Striptetris “the most addictive sexgame in history.”

Variations of the model have brought prosperity to the creators of online sex games. Of this universe of online players, at least 40 percent have had contact with games with erotic content, mainly with basic versions of casino-type titles – blackjack, roulette, and poker in which the biggest prize is undressing the opponent. The figures behind the business are juicy.

Shall we play for a while?

Although online or virtual sex does not replace physical sex, 90 percent of people who practice it reach a high level of satisfaction in said activity. However, for many people and companies, online sexual and gambling games have become a serious problem. It would be difficult for it to be any other way. After all, regardless of the universe being virtual, the creators knew how to bet on the most basic instincts: sex and power.

In this order of ideas, specialists also pay special attention to the risk of addiction that can occur as a result of online games, in general, and those with high sexual content in particular, and that at some point possibly affects both family relationships as well as social and work relationships.

Thus, like most addictions, among the characteristic warning signs is the need to spend more time gambling than is usually spent on this activity, regardless of the consequences resulting from abandoning traditional activities.

However, with strong self-control and supervision so that sexgames are not accessed by children, games can be a great tool for dealing with stress and satisfying fantasies without having to harm other people. So, trying a sexgame is not so bad!