A few times a month, she climbs up into a set of stockings, coats her lips in brilliant pink lipstick, and puts on a wig loaded with strawberry red swirls. She poses for a few photos taken by her better half, and together, they go out on dates as 2 girls crazy. I always took pleasure in viewing Cindy prepare herself to go out. I enjoy her body, with its perfect, curvy ass, full busts, and lengthy legs, all flawlessly matched with pouty full lips

Other days, nevertheless, Annie is Andrew. However, Annie is content with this setup– i.e., spending more time as Andrew than Annie. She formerly dealt with the desire to be feminine, feeling guilty and confused about her sex identification. But through self-questioning and with the help of her other half, she discovered that she enjoyed embracing her womanly side just some of the moment while still living everyday life as a guy Sissy Shop. In addition, she’s wondered whether she’s a trans woman; ultimately, she’s chosen to identify as sex liquid and nonbinary.

A lot of people living as men feel similarly. For some, being a lady of the moment is a method of exploring and embracing the nuances of their sex identification, like Annie. For others, it’s sex, a propensity in which they’re removed of their maleness and, in turn, their power and dignity. For yet another part, it’s a mix of both, typically in ways they do not comprehend. The more fetishistic side of being a part-time woman is called sissification. It focuses on the fantasy of a male being transformed into a hyper-feminized female or a sissy. In some cases, it’s a consensual play of non-consent. The man is removed from his member and made to wear ladies’ clothes, underwear, makeup, and wigs; all the while, he transforms sexually passive. “I love it when my better half takes the dominant role when I remain in a woman setting and also claims really warm, insane stuff to me regarding being a powerless girl,” Annie describes.