The Nude Model Who Loves Cars

The Nude Model Who Loves Cars

There is just something about blue eyes that makes one go weak in the knees. The inherent depth, the ocean-like feeling, and just their rarity all combine to make a person instantly likable. When you put a pair of such eyes on top of an extremely gorgeous body, you get a girl who is just too good to not be a model. We are, of course, talking about the stunningly sexy Georgia.

Georgia was born in the cold country of Russia. We don’t know the secret behind those cold cities, but they sure have produced a lot of amazing models over the years. She was born in the month of April 1995. In 2017, at the tender age of 22, she decided to start doing nude modeling. It’s hard to imagine any other way where guys around the world would have got to see such a hot and sexy lady in all of her pristine glory.

When she started modeling, she was contracted by Metart. Lucky photographers! Her plump breasts are as luscious as they look. They are a substantial size B, and you cannot want to grab them every time you see them on screen. The beautiful Georgia has been a nude model for 3 years now and we can safely say that she is not afraid to showcase her sexuality.

She is just as comfortable showing her breasts as she is showing her round butt and tight pussy. Her petite look works for her as she has straight brown hair which adds to the cute girl charm. Her smile makes you want to kill someone just to get to her.

What makes her a complete catch is her love, passion, and affinity for cars, more specifically vintage cars, and sports cars. Boys dream of a girl who they can talk to about cars and she does not get lost or bored. Here is one who will do so. When you add a hot body of a model to this girl, as well as her blue eyes and brown hair, you get someone who is considered just a dream by people.

She also likes to cater to her passion by modelling at various races and other car events. A powerful car next to a beautiful girl who understands them: guys will throw themselves in the driver’s seat with no brakes on.