How would you describe yourself, Vicky Kolles?

I’m a devoted and romantic woman that can be your most devoted and submissive spouse. I adore taking on new challenges and meeting intriguing, driven individuals. I’m interested in finding out more about fetishes and the causes of them. Come and share yours with any of us so that we can have a good time and/or get a great talk, however you choose to spend it!

Do hot girls have a wild side or are they trainable?

You’d be astonished to learn that I think of myself as romantic and  dependable! I’m prepared to take on new challenges and interact with enthusiastic new people. I don’t believe that being a model obligates one to behave in a particular way. All of us are humans, all of us are women, and we all have unique personalities. This is how mine is, and I believe men really dig it!

What qualifies as the ideal Vicky Kolles member, in your opinion?

Wow, what a wonderful question! The ideal member must, in my opinion, be an exact replica of the ideal man! First of all, he doesn’t have to be desperate; he only needs to want me, but not desperately. He also shouldn’t be impolite or aggressive right away, under any circumstances. He needs to do everything it takes to capture my attention while we are in the open sexy ads session so he can take me to a private one. There, anything is possible!

What distinguishes a public session from a private session?

There are more members present during a public session, so I put on the typical Vicky Kolles performance, which includes dancing, stripping, and teasing them—but only to a point. The only way to see more is to come along with me or be invited to a private session, where things may become hot and personal. I listen to what members who bring me in for a private session like and want, and I make an effort to satisfy their desires.

How far are you willing to go with a member?

I’m all in! Vicky Kolles is one of the stunning ladies that do it all, even though meeting my members in person is obviously not involved. They can anticipate seeing me perform various acts for them while I’m naked during a private session. As I previously stated, I want to keep my members satisfied because it also makes me satisfied.