Why does stress affect sex, and how can it be prevented? 

Stress and sex are two opposite concepts, and both can’t be active simultaneously. If you are actively subjected to stress, your sex life will be affected. This is because stress is more of a deviation from the normal state of health. Sex, on the other hand, cannot be pleasurable if you are not both psychologically and physically balanced. Most times, stress could become psychological, such that you lose the capacity to think straight. Hence, it’s advisable to always relax after a long day at work. So, to be balanced all around, you need to understand stress management and how it won’t affect the other part of your life. Knowing how to manage your work ethics alongside your social life and marital/relationship life is one of those few places where most people get it wrong. 

As much as work is important, sex is also essential. If not adequately managed, work will bring little money and much stress. Sometimes, the money you get from your work might not be commensurate with the amount of stress incurred. So, you must understand how well you need to balance your stress. You can do all these by first learning from bisexual porn videos online, where you get to learn several tips on enjoying sex more. 

Stress affects sex because while having sex, you’d need both your strength and your attention working simultaneously. When you are stressed, you lose both your strength and the capacity to focus. Hence, stress is one of the significant factors that inhibit good sex. 

How to regain pleasure after being stressed

If you have been having sex coupled with stress, you must have noticed how unpleasant it can be. In fact, there’s nothing enjoyable about having sex while you are stressed. You’d end up having it the wrong way. So, here are some of the few ways to regain pleasure after being stressed. 

  • Rest appropriately: 

Don’t be too zealous to have sex whenever you are stressed. Quickies are great but don’t think about having quickies when you are stressed. Ensure you always find time to rest before having sex. Resting appropriately helps you catch your breath and regain strength. As mentioned earlier, to enjoy sex, you need both your strength and attention. One of the most effective means of getting both backs after a stressful day is by resting. Depending on what you do for rest, you can add watching bisexual porn videos so that while you rest, you learn a thing or two about how to pleasure your partner after you are done resting. 

  • Take aphrodisiacs: 

Yes, these are edibles that help you increase your sex drive. It boosts your sex drive and helps you find pleasure in having sex. When you are tired or stressed, you might find it difficult to even think about having sex. However, with the consumption of aphrodisiacs, you boost your libido and increase the rate at which you want to have sex

  • Engage in mutual masturbation: 

Engaging in mutual masturbation could be the encouragement you need to help you regain sexual pleasure. If you have a partner, it’s better. You and your partner could explore the act of mutual masturbation, as it helps to bring both partners closer and also help them explore one another even better. If you don’t have a partner, you can visit live campsites to chat with a cam model. You get to talk over the webcam with cam models and discuss how well you can regain your sexual pleasure from masturbation.